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Wifi points over Arduino Nano

Used hardware:

  • Arduino NanoEthernet Shield Wiznet W5100
  • Nrf24l01 + PA + LNA
  • Pushbuttons
  • LED diodes
  • Buzzer
  • Description of functionality and use:

  • The system is designed for Airsoft / Paintball / Nerf Wars for Capture point game mode.
  • The system uses the Arduino Nano pair for the 2 points that players are fighting on, each of the boards being two diodes, two detectors, two wifi modules nRF24l01 + PA + LNA. In addition to these components, the buttons for each of the teams are also placed on the boards.
  • One button is for Team 1 (yellow team) and second for Team 2 (red team). In the event of a cast, they press their button to change the color of the point according to their team.
  • If one team occupies both points, the detector sounds at both points (the game ends or continues according to the organizer"s rules). This may mean, for example, only the end of the round or the addition of points. In real-time, both Arduina communicate with the nRF24l01 + PA + LNA modules. The response between the two Arduins is at 1-5ms.
  • Thanks to the nRF24l01 modules, it is possible to communicate with Arduin at huge distances of hundreds of meters in an uninterrupted environment (nRF24l01 offers over 120 channels for communication to 2.4Ghz.) With an external 5v / 3.3v source it is possible to communicate up to 1.1 kilometers.
  • Scheme:

    Schéma zapojenia - Arduino Nano s WiFi komunikačným modulom NRF24l01 + PA + LNA