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Voice control via Amazon

Description of functionality:

  • Amazon Alexa Dot and NodeMCU work in one LAN where they can "see" each other.
  • NodeMCU keeps the keep-alive server on various UDP virtual ports where single output controls work.
  • One port handles one output that can be switched on and off.
  • Amazon Alexa Dot knows on the network to scan for available devices on UDP ports and can then issue a command for their control based on a command in English with the appropriate paramter
  • For example: "Turn relay on", "Turn relay off"and similarly for other outputs
  • Hardware used:

  • Amazon Alexa Dot Amazon Alexa Dot
  • NodeMCU NodeMCU
  • 8-channel relay 8-kanálové relé
  • Exploitation:

  • Control of lights and outputs
  • Controlling other systems (Loxone and others)
  • Request for web service on request