Time relay- Try online HERE!

Brief description:

  • The project uses the NodeMCU development board as the control microcontroller.
  • NodeMCU connects to the web application, where it publishes a 6x temperature from the DS18B20 sensors to the OneWire bus and reads data from the Internet.
  • The panel controls 6 outputs, of which 2 are automatic thermostats (hysteresis, autonomous control) and manual mode (ON / OFF on user request).
  • The other 4 outputs are a time relay that can be in the ON mode from 6:00 to 18:00 and from 18:00 to 6:00 are off. These automatic days may be set, each day separately.
  • The web application offers a transparent design where it is possible to monitor the temperature states, output states, the connection of the board to the web, change the names of the individual inputs and outputs, change the login information into the web application.
  • The site uses a temp archiving database once every 5 minutes. These data can be viewed in a spreadsheet and automatically delete data older than 14 days. The name and password are encrypted and stored by the SHA1 hash algorithm. (the system overwhelms the login system)
  • The web is compatible with PHP5, PHP7.
  • The web application is designed for a NodeMCU board with a link to the HTTPS page variant. Datas are safe to come to the web in real time.
  • The system also operates in offline mode in the event of a wi-fi network failure, when the message is the same as the automatic thermostat mode, the relays are disabled for safety reasons.
  • Once the site connects to the Web, the board immediately synchronizes with the site and follows it.
  • Screenshots: