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Weather Station Software Technologies:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX - dynamic listing of real-time data from database
  • Google Charts - bar graphs for time representation
  • Simplified C language for ESP32 - Arduino core
  • To run a project, you need to:
  • Have a webserver on a LAN or on the Internet where the ESP32 will connect
  • The webserver must be on an HTTP or HTTPS protocol
  • The webserver must have a MySQL database
  • Webserver must have Internet access (libraries on CDN servers: Jquery, Bootstrap)
  • Weather Station Hardware Technologies:

  • ESP32 (devkit)ESP32
  • Project Record Modules (version 1):

  • DS18B20- temperature: Sensor DS18B20 internal
  • DS18B20 - temperature: Sensor DS18B20 external
  • BMP280 - atmospheric pressure + temperature: BMP280 - I2C bus humidity sensor
  • DHT22 - humidity: DHT22 - senzor vhlhkosti na I2C zbernici
  • One DS18B20 sensor can be used less and the temperature can be obtained from the DHT22 sensor
  •       Wiring of data pins:
    BMP280 - SDAD21
    BMP280 - SCLD22

    Project Record Modules (version 2):

  • DS18B20- temperature: Sensor DS18B20 internal
  • DS18B20 - temperature: Sensor DS18B20 external
  • BME280 - atmospheric pressure + temperature + humidity: BME280
  •       Wiring of data pins:
    BME280 - SDAD21
    BME280 - SCLD22
    Weather Station offers:       
  • Recording 3x temperature, 1x atmospheric pressure (possibility to convert to sea level, possibility to determine altitude), 1x humidity
  • Graphical user interface (responsive)
  • Real-time data in dynamic table
  • Last 1000 Measurements Table
  • Login system
  • Archiving in 5-15-minute intervals to MySQL database, Google Charts (CanvasJS replacement) - current day + 7 last days charts
  • Weather forecast from external server / BETA custom prediction
  • Remote board reset
  • Login / Login Change Log
  • Board Connection Indicator
  • Microcontroller source code preview
  • Change individual room names / sensor names
  • Traffic Station Screenshots: