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Arduino Ethernet Webapp PHP, HTML MySQL MATLAB Irrigation Rain sensor Heating Cooling OneWire DS18B20

Irrigation control - Try online HERE!

The system offers:

  • Real-time listing of values, states, modes of all outputs, sensors, Arduino Connectivity Overview
  • Changing the names of the individual inputs and outputs, for example, by location of their location
  • Switch between cooling and heating room with automatic and manual mode with optional adjustable setpoint and hysteresis
  • Time control of irrigation circuits that can operate in adjustable time intervals with weather considerations - inactive if raining
  • System notifications - bad sensor data, invalid user login.
  • Change your username and password
  • Remote Arduino restart
  • Screenshots of system:


  • Arduino UNO/Mega
  • Ethernet shield W5100/W5500
  • 6x relay
  • Thermal sensor: DS18B20
  • Rain sensor: FC-37