Programming offer

Microcontrollers (Arduino, NodeMCU, ESP32):
  • Creating automation (house, garden, aquarium, terrarium ...) with web management
  • Internet control (relay for appliances - 230V AC load)
  • Voice control in Slovak / Czech / English from mobile phone, tablet, computer
  • Sending emails in crisis situations -> heating, tampering, unauthorized entry, instant notification
  • Crones, script triggers, web scraper, crawler
  • Weather stations, complex systems with web interface
  • Sending data to HTTP / HTTPS pages
  • Systems in IoT networks at 868MHz - Sigfox, LoraWan and NBIoT networks, sending measured data to MySQL database
  • Data security and data integrity by demonstrating microcontrollers with client certificates for web-based applications with ESP32.
  • Connecting ESP32 to Enterprise Wifi Networks with 802.1x (WPA / WPA2 Enterprise)
  • PHP:
  • Creating a web interface for controlling microcontrollers, outputs, data listings
  • Comprehensive logic of control systems
  • Saving data from microcontrollers to MySQL database
  • Graphical representation of measured data for hours, days
  • C:
  • Creating simple C programs
  • Work with Stack, Functional Programming, Linking to the Database
  • Programs in the Karl Robot Environment
  • MATLAB:  
  • Creating programs and simple functions, working with matrices, visualizing program results in different types of graphs.