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Arduino ESP8266 ESP32 PHP, HTML MySQL HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic) Water Level Ethernet WiFi IoT Sigfox Lora, LoraWan GSM, NB-IoT
The solution requires own webserver

Arduino Water Well Monitor - Try online here!!!

The water level monitor allows you to:
  • Capture the water level from the lid level. Bottom distance can be up to 4 meters.
  • By calculating, the water level can be determined from the bottom and the volume in liters can be determined at a known well width (radius). Based on height, it can be represented in meters or centimeters.
  • Measured data is sent to a MySQL database that archives it with a timestamp.
  • Data is represented in real-time table, which is refreshed via AJAX, without real-time refresher are also plotted in graphs. The latest data in the graphs will appear after refresh.
  • Graphs show the course of the water height for: last 2 hours, last 24 hours, last 7 days, 30 days.
  • Database data is automatically deleted after 60+ days.
  • The system also includes alarm representations of last value, maximum, minimum value in 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days.
  • Used Hardware:
  • Arduino Uno/MegaArduino Uno R3
  • Ethernet shield W5100Ethernet Shield Wiznet W5100
  • or Ethernet module W5500Ethernet Module Wiznet W5500
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor - HC-SR04HC SR 04
  • The system can be used for additional measurements as well as other distances, such as: Snow Height, Object Distance etc.
  • Can also be applied to ESP8266, ESP32, Raspberry, Micro: bit, etc.
  • With Arduine, data over Ethernet is sent over the HTTP protocol. With ESP boards, it is also possible to create an encrypted HTTPS connection for sending data.
  • The ability to implement IoT over Sigfox.
  •    System Screenshots:
    Hladinomer - schéma zapojenia pre Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266
    Hladinomer - prehľad v reálnom čase
    Hladinomer - historická tabuľka meraní s rozdielmi hladín
    Hladinomer - vývoj hladiny počas dňa čiarovým grafom
    Hladinomer - budíková reprezentácia minima, maxima výšky hladiny