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Arduino ESP8266 ESP32 PHP, HTML MySQL HX711 IoT Ethernet WiFi Sigfox Lora, LoraWan GSM, NB-IoT

Beekeeping weight

  • The beekeeping scale is mainly used for weighing hives and bee products.
  • The balance is connected to the Internet or to its own application using various transmission technologies.
  • The weighing scale uses an analogue-to-digital converter - the HX711 24-bit resolution, which is used for very accurate tenths of a gram measurements. Possibility to weigh grams, up to tens of kilograms.
  • Possibility to transmit measured data to database via Ethernet module / shield, WiFi module, or using IoT networks LoraWan, Sigfox, NB-IoT, eventually GSM / GPRS network / 3G, or own Lora network.

  • Hardware for data transmission

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Ethernet shield W5100
  • Ethernet module W5500
  • Sigfox module WISOL
  • Lora module
  • SIM-800 - GSM