WPA2 - Enterprise

Tested under ESP32-Arduino core from June 2018 on eduroam network hotspots. Should work on all networks under 802.1x with supported methods.

Available services tested with Enterprise wifi connection:

  • Cayenne MQTT - MySensors
  • Amazon web services IoT (AWS-IoT)
  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • AskSensors
  • IBM Watson Bluemix
  • ThinX Cloud
  • ThingsBoard
  • ThingSpeak
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • User's HTTP/HTTPS requests to own backend or MQTT connection with topic posting.
  • Supported authentication methods:

  • PEAP + MsCHAPv2
  • Tested boards:

  • ESP32 Devkitc v4 (38pin)
  • ESP32 DoIT Devkit v1 (30 pin)
  • Node32s (38 pin)
  • Source codes:

    Available at: GitHub


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    June 2018 ESP32-Arduino core:

    Available at: GitHub

    Repository consist of these examples for Enterprise connection via ESP32 boards/chips, tested on eduroam powered networks:

    Working connection result (Sucessful connection)

    Problem with authentication, unsucessful connection example (bad Arduino core, uncompatible network, methods)